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Healthy Drinking Water For Your Dog

Most pet owners put a lot of thought into the foods they give their dogs, but pay little mind to their drinking water. If you’re like many owners, you give your dog water from the tap. Yet, this water could contain contaminants that can affect your dog’s health. Here’s why the quality of your dog’s water supply is just as important as what you put in their food dish.

How Could Contaminants Affect Canine Health?

Home water Treatment Services in Carmel NYMany homeowners avoid regular, unfiltered tap water because of the risk of contaminants in public water systems or wells. Yet, they often assume that it’s safe for pets’ consumption. However, like humans, dogs are vulnerable to contaminants that often appear in unfiltered water. Microbes, chemicals, and other dangerous substances can pose serious health risks in dogs. Fluoride, for example, shouldn’t be consumed in excess by dogs. Just as in humans, overconsumption of this mineral could lead to long-term health issues, including cancer. There are also potential parasitic contaminants that could appear in unfiltered water, including Giardia. This organism can make its way into water through any fecal waste that seeps into the soil. While it can be treated in humans and dogs alike, it can cause diarrhea and malnutrition and is especially dangerous in puppies.

How Can You Keep Their Supply Clean & Healthy?

Luckily, there are many ways you can keep your dog’s drinking water safe. While giving bottled water or using pitcher filter systems are two options to consider, they can become costly and inconvenient over time. A water treatment system, on the other hand, supplies your home with safe water, either throughout the entire house or just one specific faucet. This makes it easy to ensure the whole family is getting high-quality, safe drinking water—pets included.

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